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1000+ Japanese songs you can’t miss – with videos, lyrics and translation

Today, I will give you over 1000 Japanese songs of the most famous artists and also the most popular anime. This post is coming with the music videos, lyrics, and translation.

You will see a lot of familiar face in my list below. From the best Japanese bands like ONE OK ROCK, Perfume or AKB48 to the Japanese singers like Kenshi Yonezu and Aimer. All of their famous songs will appear in this post.

Don’t make you wait any longer, let’s begin!

Click on the artist to see each song list.

2 Aimer
3 AKB48
4 Utada Hikaru
5 Nogizaka46
6 Perfume
7 Nishino Kana
8 Wagakki Band
9 Kalafina
10 Kenshi Yonezu
12 Sekai no Owari
14 AAA
15 Back Number
17 Kobasolo
19 Daoko
20 Band-Maid
21 Best Japanese sad songs of all time
22 Best Japanese love songs of all time
23 Top 20 anime songs will blow your mind


I hope you guys will have a good time with 1000+ most famous Japanese songs I mentioned over there. Feel free to share your favorite songs and lyrics at the comment.

Anyway, if you like this post, share it with your friends and don’t forget to bookmark this website because I will come back with a lot of best Japanese songs.

Thank you for reading!

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Practice Listening and Speaking Japanese like a native!

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