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Beautiful day – Kobasolo with FULL lyric and english translation

Today we bring to you the Beautiful day of Kobasolo with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Beside that, you can also reading the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watching the Beautiful day music video.

Beautiful day – Kobasolo

  • Song Information
  • Original lyric (Japanese lyric)
  • English translation

Song Information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: Beautiful day
  • Song’s Romaji Name: Beautiful day
  • Song’s English Name: Beautiful day
  • Singer: Kobasolo
  • Song Music Video: Click to Watch


Original lyric (Japanese lyric)

English translation


Ano hi jikan ga tomatte zutto onaji basho de tachitsukusu

That day when you left, my time stopped I’ve been standing in the same place watching life goes by


Kimi no kotoba no yasashi sa sae soko ni itsumo aru to omotte ita

Even your kindness of words, I thought that it’s always there to protect me


Kimi to no egao no shashin kun kara moratta tegami

I’m reading the letter I got from you Seeing the photos when we’re smiling together


Ima no boku nara wakaru yo osoi yo ne

I finally understand it, but it’s too late to realize


Kimi ga modora nai genzai dō sureba wakariaeru

That you’ll never come back to this place


Tada itsumo soba ni i takatta noni

But I always want to stay close with you


Kimi ga suki de ima mo ai taku te

I still love you, I want to see you


Doko datte kimi no kage sagashi te iru yo

Just I always search for shadow


Dōka soba ni i te ima no boku nara

If only you can stay by my side


Deatta hi kara zutto zutto

Cause from the very start, I’m much much ready to be with you


Kizutsuke tari kizutsui tari kimagure ni sugi te itta ano hibi

I remember the days when we’re young, in just a whim we could get hurt or being injured


Eien dake ga tada afure te kanashimi no imi o shira nakatta yo

I didn’t know the meaning of sorrow we thought we’d have it all for eternity


Katariakashi ta yoru to kenka shi ta manma no hi to

From the nights we talked until morning, the days we got angry and quarelling


Dore mo suteki na kimi to no mainichi

All the days I spent it with you was so beautiful


Negai ga kanau no nara kono kimochi tsutae tai

If my wish will come true, I’ll convey my feelings to you


Ima sugu ai ni iki tai kedo

Juts I want to see you righ now


Sugiyuku hibi ni nagasare nagara

As days keep passing by, I got swept everyday


Kyō no me ni utsuru sora no iro wa tada

Today, the sky tinted in the colors of the setting sun


Yūyake shoku ni boku o some te ku

That reflected in my eyes


Samishi sō na kage ga mi te ita

I was lonely looking for a shadow


Dōka todoke to kotoba o narabe te boku no omoi ga afuredashi ta

I send my overflowing feelings and wors flying to you, hoping that it will reach you


Ai tai

I want to see you


Kokoro no oku no oku fure taku te kono te o nobashi ta

I want to touch you one more time I want to feel your hand entwined with mine



I want everything


Kimi ga suki de kimi ga suki de

I love you, I love you


Nan do mo kokoro ga harisakeru kedo

For many times, my heart keeps on breaking


Nani ga dekiru daro u ni nin no kage o kasane te ku

What can I do to align my shadow with yours


Utsukushiki hibi yo

Beautiful days


à dōka kimi ga warau made

Ah until I can make you smile again


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