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Best Anime opening songs of all time – Videos with Lyrics and Translations

Today I give you the best anime opening songs (OP/OST) of all time, including the videos with lyric and english translation. This chart is base on my opion so feel free to share your favorite songs at the comment.

Best anime opening songs

This is top 20 anime opening songs that will blow your mind. Beside the op/ost song videos, you can also read the lyrics and english translations in the link below.


Top Anime opening songs
1 Hotaru – Fujita Maiko
2 Sayonara no natsu – Miho Kuroda
3 Yume Hanabi – Yuiko
4 Boruto Opening 2 Theme [OVER] – Little Glee Monster
5 Attack on Titan Season 3 Opening [Red Swan] – YOSHIKI feat. HYDE
6 Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 Opening 2 [Make my story] – Lenny code fiction
7 Just Because! Opening [Over and Over – Yanagi Nagi] 
8 March comes in like a lion Season 2 Opening Full『Flag wo Tatero』 – YUKI
9 Eromanga-sensei Opening [Hitorigoto] – ClariS
10 Dragon Ball Super Opening 2 [Genkai Toppa × Survivor]
11 Tokyo Ghoul:re Opening Full [Asphyxia ] – Cö shu Nie.
12 Darling in the franxx Opopening [ KISS OF DEATH ]
13 ONE-PUNCH MAN Opening [THE HERO] – JAM Project
14 Overlord Season 3 Opening [ VORACITY ] of MYTH & ROID
15 Konosuba! Season 2 Opening [ Tomorrow Acoustic Ver ] – Machico
16 Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 Opening [Reason Living] – SCREEN mode
17 BEATLESS Opening Full『Error』 – GARNiDELiA
18 Attack on Titan Season 2 opening Full『Shinzou wo Sasageyo!』 of Linked Horizon
19 Happy Lucky birthday – Doraemon OST


I hope this chart of best anime opening songs can give you some relaxing time after the hard work days. Share your top anime songs with me at the comment.

Thank you for reading!

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