Best Japanese songs of all time – Video, Lyric, and English translation

This list is specially created for the ones who just listen to Japanese songs recently. Today, I give you Top 20 best Japanese songs of all time that you can’t miss if you are a Japanese music fan.

The Top 20 popular Japanese songs I mention to in this post are base on my feeling, so it can be not suitable for you. Feel free to share your favorite Japanese songs with me at the comment.

Now, let’s begin! Click on this song link below to read the song lyrics and watch the music videos.

TOPFamous Japanese songs
1Lemon of 米津玄師 (Kenshi Yonezu)
2Umi no koe (海の声) of 桐谷健太
3Inochi no riyu (いのちの理由) of Chris Hart
4Arigatou (ありがとう) of KOKIA
5Best Friend of Nishino Kana
6Sakura of Ikimono Gakari
7Umbrella (アンブレラ) of アリエP
8365 hi no kami hikouki (365日の紙飛行機) of AKB48
9Yuki No Hana (雪の華) of Mika Nakashima
10Uchiage Hanabi (打上花火) of Daoko&Kenshi Yonezu
11Zenzenzensei (前前前世) of RADWIMPS
12Kimi dattara (君だったら) of Happy birthday
13Hotaru (蛍) of Fujita Maiko
14Kataomoi (カタオモイ) of Aimer
15Tegami (手紙) of Back Number
16Daisuki deshita (大好きでした) of Erica
17Ato hitotsu (あとひとつ) of Funkey Monkey Babys
18Senaka Awase (背中合わせ) of Kobasolo
19Okinotayuu (オキノタユウ) of Wagakki Band
20Ref:rain of Aimer

As you can see, these songs include a lot of famous Singers and Bands. If you start to love Japanese artists, you can search for other songs of them on Japanese Song Lyrics.

I hope you will have a relaxing time with my Top 20 best Japanese songs of all time. Tell me at the comment if you love the songs and don’t forget to bookmark this website because I will come back with a lot of song lists.

Thank you for reading!

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