Butterfly – Perfume with FULL lyric and english translation

Today we bring to you the Butterfly with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Beside that, you can also reading the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watching the Perfume music video.

Butterfly – Perfume

  • Song Information
  • Original lyric (Japanese lyric)
  • English translation

Song Information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: Butterfly
  • Singer: Perfume
  • Song Music Video:

Original lyric (Japanese lyric)

English translation

うす はねのように かるくしなやかに
Usui hane no yō ni karuku shinayaka ni

ふわり かおのこ んでえるように
Fuwari kaori nokoshi tonde kieru yō ni

あま ひかりこな まるでさそうように
Amai hikari no kona marude izanau yō ni

Fly away

Torae rarenai

Ā utsukushī


つよ 磁石じしゃくみたいに キミは せる
Tsuyoi jishaku mitai ni kimi wa hikiyoseru

ああ 風鈴ふうりんらす
Ā fūrin o yurasu

Tonde mayowa seru


Like a thin wing, lightly, with suppleness

Lazily, you leave your scent, fluttering as if you’re about to disappear

Your sweet, shiny scales, look as if they will tempt us

Fly away

We can’t capture you

Ah…how beautiful


Like a strong magnet, you attract us

Ah…you swing a wind-bell

You flutter and captivate us


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