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Elevator (エレベーター) – Perfume with FULL lyric and english translation

Today we bring to you the Elevator (エレベーター) with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Beside that, you can also reading the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watching the Perfume music video.

Elevator (エレベーター) – Perfume

  • Song Information
  • Original lyric (Japanese lyric)
  • English translation

Song Information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: Elevator (エレベーター)
  • Singer: Perfume
  • Song Music Video:

Original lyric (Japanese lyric)

English translation

うえまいります 2かいしあわりです
Ue e mairimasu 2-kai shiawase uribadesu

体験たいけんゾーン おぼえるんでしょう
Mi taiken zōn tomadoi oboeru ndeshou

うえまいります 4かいいたりです
Ue e mairimasu 4-kai itami uribadesu

ひとしんじれず しょうわざおぼえることでしょう
Hito o shinji rezu kowaza oboeru kotodeshou

うえまいります 7かいつよりです
Ue e mairimasu 7-kai tsuyo-sa uribadesu

ときにはくから そしてこころるでしょう
Tokiniha nakukara soshite kokoro wa shirudeshou

うえまいります うえまいりまりまりまりま
Ue e mairimasu ue e mairi Mari Mari Mari ma

したまいります 5かいおもりです
Shita e mairimasu 5-kai omoide uribadesu

たまにうして もどらないことづくでしょう
Tamani ushiro mite modoranai koto kidzukudeshou

うえまいります 8かい未来みらいりです
Ue e mairimasu 8-kai mirai uribadesu

なや理由りゆうとは いつかることでしょう
Nayamu riyū to wa itsuka susumeru kotodeshou

うえまいります 連絡れんらく通路つうろから
Ue e mairimasu renraku tsūro kara

えエレベータ りをしてなおのぼりましょ![edit]Last edit by kyousukekazama on Friday 01 Jan, 2010 at 09:43 -89.6%[/edit]
Norikae erebēta yorimichi o shite nao noborimasho! [Edit] Last edit by kyousukekazama on furaidi 01 Jan, 2010 at 09: 43 – 89. 6-Pāsento [ / edit]

We’ll go up, Now we’re on the second floor where we sell happiness

It’s a zone we’ve never experienced We would feel bewildered

We’ll go up, Now we’re on the forth floor where we sell pain

You can’t believe others, and would feel fearful

We’ll go up, Now we’re on the seventh floor where we sell strength

Because we sometimes cry, and our hearts will realize

We’ll go down, Now we’re on the fifth floor where we sell memories

We sometimes look back, and we would notice we never go back anymore

We’ll go up, Now we’re on the eighth floor where we sell futures

The reason why we worry is that we can go through someday

We’ll go up, Through a connecting aisle

We’ll change elevators Let’s stop on the way and go up again

Translation from Perfume.ekuseru.net[edit]Last edit by PERFUMEfanEmmie on Sunday 31 Jan, 2010 at 20:56 +100%[/edit]

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