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Every famous song of KOKIA you can’t miss – Video, lyrics and translation

KOKIA is one of the most famous female singers in Japan. She is famous for a lot of anime songs. Today I will give you Top 70+ famous songs of her.

KOKIA – Best songs of all time

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Singer information

Akiko Yoshida (吉田亜紀子 Yoshida Akiko, born July 22, 1976) is a Japanese singer and songwriter performing under the stage name Kokia (styled KOKIA). Her most well-known songs are “Arigatō…” (ありがとう… Thank You).

She is also recognized for her numerous contributions to anime/game soundtracks, the most notable being “Ai no Melody/Chōwa Oto (With Reflection)” for the film Origin: Spirits of the Past, “Follow the Nightingale” for the game Tales of Innocence, and “Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi” for the anime Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino.

Top 70 famous songs

Don’t let you wait any longer, I will show you the Top 70+ most famous songs of KOKIA right now.

This rank is base on my feeling so I am sorry if your favorite songs do not appear. Feel free to share your favorite songs with me at the comment section.

Click on these songs link to read the song lyrics and translations and watch the music videos.

TOPSong name
1Arigatou (ありがとう)
2Hontou no Oto (本当の音)
3Into the light (光の中に)
4Chouwa oto (調和音)
5Tatta Hitotsuno Omoi (たった1つの想い)
6Tsumihoroboshi no Uta (罪滅ぼしの歌)
7Shiroi Yuki (白い雪)
8Hikarinoho E (光の方へ)
9The Power of Smile
10Yume Oi Bito (夢追人)
11Mou Ichido (もう一度)
12Otona no Ookami (大人のオオカミ)
13Senka No Hana (戦火の花)
15Sakura no Ki no Shita (桜の樹の下)
16Yume no Tochuu (夢の途中)
17Kodoku na Ikimono (孤独な生きもの)
18Oto no Tabibito (音の旅人)
19I Believe
20Moment ~ima wo Ikiru~
21The woman
22Tears in Love
24Remember the kiss
25Daiji na mono wa mabuta no ura
26Follow the Nightingale
27Ai no Melody
28Time to say goodbye
30Yume ga Chikara
31So much love for you
32Kawaranai koto – since 1976
33Pinkuno zou
35Ningen’tte sonna mono ne
36Say Hi!!
39Bridge over troubled water
40The long and winding road
41Bye bye blackbird
42Scarborough fair
43Moonlight shadow
44Over the rainbow
45Love me tender
47Anata to deatte (あなたと出逢って)
48Kotonoha (言の葉)
49Nageki no oto (嘆きの音)
52One by one, day by day
53Where to go my love
54Hohoemi o wasurenai yō ni (微笑みを忘れないように)
55Hito no naka ni aru mono (ヒトの中にあるもの)
56Something blue & something red
57Liar liar ~ロマンティックワルツ
58Eiga no yōna koideshita (映画のような恋でした)
59You are not alone
60Ai wa kodama suru (愛はこだまする)
61Dance with the wind
62Kioku no hikari (記憶の光)
63Mōichido… (もう一度…)
64Itsutsu-me no kisetsu (5つ目の季節)
65Yasashī shirabe (優しい調べ)
66Sora de tsunagatteru (空でつながってる)
67Daijōbu daijōbu (大丈夫 だいじょうぶ)
68From 16
69Te a te
70Moment ~ imawoikiru ~ (Moment ~今を生きる~)
71Memorial days
72Raifu ~ seimei no hibiki ~ (Life ~生命の響~)
73New day, new life
75Hikari o atsumete (光をあつめて)
760 kara no hajimari (0からの始まり)

I hope you guys will have a good time with my Top 70+ famous songs of KOKIA. Feel free to share your favorite songs and lyrics at the comment.

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