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Find out every famous song of Kalafina – Videos, Lyrics and Translation

Beside Perfume, Japan also owns another “Awesome-girls” band and that is Kalafina. Today I will give some information about these girls and every famous song of them you should know.


  • Band Information
  • Famous songs of Kalafina

Band Information

Kalafina (カラフィナ) was a Japanese vocal group formed by the composer Yuki Kajiura in 2007, mainly to perform theme songs for the anime Kara no Kyōkai. The group first appeared in January 2008 with two original members, Wakana Ōtaki and Keiko Kubota. In May 2008, it was announced that two more vocalists, Maya and Hikaru, would be added to the project.

Besides 4 former members, Kalafina has 4 supporting members, including REMI, Yuriko Kaida, Hanae Tomaru and Yuki Kajiura.

You can read more information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalafina

Famous songs of Kalafina

Don’t let you wait any longer, I will show you the Top 70 most famous songs of Kalafina right now.

You will see a lot of familiar songs on my list. However, I will make you surprise with some songs you even don’t know.

Click on these songs link to read the song lyrics and translations and watch the music videos.

TOP Song name
1 Sprinter
2 Red moon
3 To the Beginning
4 Magia
5 Alleluia (アレルヤ)
6 Oblivious
7 Lacrimosa
9 Kimi ga Hikari Ni Kaete Iku (君が光に変えて行く)
10 Seventh heaven
11 Heavenly blue
12 Serenato
13 Hikariful (ひかりふる)
14 Fairytale
15 Symphonia
16 Sandpiper
17 Hikari no Senritsu
18 Musunde Hiraku (むすんでひらく)
19 Hyakka Ryouran (百火撩乱)
20 Kyrie
21 One Light
22 Märchen (メルヒェン)
23 Adore
24 Ring your bell
25 Into the world
26 Door
27 Ongaku (音楽)
28 Blaze
29 Storia
30 Kimi no Gin no Niwa (君の銀の庭)
31 Monochrome
32 I have a dream
33 Manten
34 Moonfesta (ムーンフェスタ)
35 Mirai (未来)
36 Destination unknown
37 Hikari Furu (ひかりふる)
38 Kiichigo no Shigemi ni (木苺の茂みに)
39 Kizuato (傷跡)
40 Snow falling
41 Identify
42 Kugatsu (九月)
43 In your eyes
44 Mune no yukue (胸の行方)
45 Eden
46 Neverending
47 Magnolia
48 Far on the water
49 Natsu no Asa (夏の朝)
50 Alcira no Hoshi
51 Obbligato
52 Fantasia
53 Signal
54 Kagayaku Sora No Shijima Ni Wa (輝く空の静寂には)
55 Consolation
56 Natsu no Ringo (夏の林檎)
57 Mata Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Natta (また風が強くなった)
58 Yume no Daichi (夢の大地)
59 Hanataba (花束)
60 Melfen
61 Progressive
62 Kimi Ga Hikari Ni Kaete Iku (君が光に変えて行く)
63 Tsuioku (追憶)
64 Believe
65 Misterioso
66 Love come down
Te to Te to Me to Me
Kagayaku Sora no Shinshimani Wa
Parallel Hearts
Hoshi no Utai

I hope you guys will have a good time with my Top 70 famous songs of Kalafina. Feel free to share your Perfume favorite songs and lyrics at the comment.

Anyway, if you like this post, share it with your friends and don’t forget to bookmark this website because I will come back with a lot of Japanese Artists best songs.

Thank you for reading!

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