FULL lyric and translation of 積想 – MUCC

Today we bring to you the 積想 of MUCC with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video.

積想 – MUCC

Song information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: 積想
  • Song’s Romaji Name: 積想
  • Singer: MUCC

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji)

何でなんであの もしもあのとき 何でなんで どうして long long time ago
Nande ano hi moshimo ano toki nani de dōshite long long time ago

きっと何時いつ 多分たぶん 絶対ぜったい
Kitto itsuka tabun zettai

深いふかい眠りねむり ゆめ夢見ゆめみ 溶けとけない想いおもい 積もりつもりゆくばかり
Fukai nemuri e yume ni yumemite tokenai omoi wa tsumori yuku bakari

きっと何時いつ 多分たぶん 絶対ぜったい にん記憶きおく ぼく殺すころすでしょう
Kitto itsuka tabun zettai futari no kioku wa boku o korosudeshou

Time goes by 捨てすてられずに まだゆめ見るみるよう
Ontaimu goes by sute rarezu ni mada yume o miru yō ni

eternity ずっと ほら 降りふりやまないね
Eternity zutto hora ori yamanai ne

少しすこし 曲がっまがっ きみ合鍵あいかぎ
Sukoshi magatta kimi no aikagi wa

片隅かたすみ横たわっよこたわったままで long long time ago
Katasumi no yokotawatta mama de long long time ago

Time goes by 未来みらい地図ちず いま ゆめ描くえがくよう
Ontaimu goes by mirai chizu ni ima yume o kaku yō ni

eternity ずっと まだ降りふりやまないで
Eternity zutto mada ori yamanaide

Time goes by 捨てすてられずに まだきみ追うおうよう
Ontaimu goes by sute rarezu ni mada kimi o ou yō ni

eternity きっと また繰り返しくりかえしてしまう
Eternity kitto mata kurikaeshite shimau

English translation (Google auto translate)

Why is that day then what and why that long long time ago
Surely some time maybe absolutely
A dream to a deep sleep Dreaming in a dream Thinking that does not melt is piling up
Surely some time maybe the absolute memories of two will kill me

Time goes by like dreaming yet without being thrown away
Eternity I can not stop falling down
The key of your little crooked key
Long lying in one corner long long time ago

Time goes by Make your dreams in the future map now
Eternity Do not get rid of me forever
Time goes by Not to be thrown away yet to follow you
Eternity surely will repeat again


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