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Full lyrics and english translation of Hanabiratachi no March – Aimer

Today we bring to you the Hanabiratachi no March of Aimer with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video.

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Hanabiratachi no March – Aimer

Song Information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: 花びらたちのマーチ
  • Song’s Romaji Name: Hanabiratachi no March
  • Singer: Aimer
  • Song Music Video:

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji)

are wa ninenme no haru no hi

雨上がり グランドのすみっこ
ameagari gurando no sumikko

光の粒と 揺れて走る
hikari no tsubu to yurete hashiru

kimi no senaka wo miteta

伝えたかったこと 全部ね
tsutaetakatta koto zenbu ne

教科書のすみ 落書きだった
kyoukasho no sumi rakugaki datta

are wa magire mo naku koi datta

tada no omoikomi janai

春が来て あんなに好きだったのに
haru ga kite anna ni suki datta no ni

壁も 窓も 空も 消えてなくなって
kabe mo mado mo sora mo kiete nakunatte

泣かない 泣かないけどね きっと
nakanai nakanai kedo ne kitto

まだ見つめたかった ただ見つめたかった
mada mitsumetakatta tada mitsumetakatta

oboetate no gitaa wa mada

F koudo ga nigate na mama de

kimi no suki na furui yougaku wo

hikeru made tsuzukeru yo

harukaze wa anna ni suki datta mono

hana mo koi mo koe mo zenbu tsureteku no

mada minu maatarashii basho de

また見つけなくちゃ また見つけなくちゃ
mata mitsukenakucha mata mitsukenakucha

春が来て どんなに離れても
haru ga kite donna ni hanaretemo

あれも これも 全部 そばにあるからと
are mo kore mo zenbu soba ni aru kara to

ひらひら 揺れながら そっと
hirahira yurenagara sotto

花びらが歌った 花びらは笑った
hanabira ga utatta hanabira wa waratta

juunengo ni mata aeru to

ありふれた言葉 歌にした
arifureta kotoba uta ni shita

明日 朝一 街を出る
ashita asaichi machi wo deru

君に どうか 幸あれ
kimi ni douka sachi are

English translation

It was one spring day of sophomore year
After rain, in the corner of sports ground
Running and shaking along the drop of light
I was keeping an eye on your back

Every thing I wanted to convey
was a doodle in the nook of textbook
That feeling must be love,
not just a prejudice

Spring comes
Although I really loved you back then
That I wish for the wall, windows and sky to be just disappeared
Never cry

Never cry, but I believe
I still wanted to look at you
I just wanted to look at you
I just learned how to play guitar,

and still can’t play the F chord
I will keep on trying until I can play
your favorite old Western song
I used to like it so much

The spring breeze
A wind that brings along
all flowers, loves and sounds
In a new place that I’ve never seen

I have to find it again
I have to find it again
Spring comes
No matter how far we’re apart

That thing, this thing, every thing
are still by my side
As fluttering and shaking
Flower petals were gently singing

Flower petals were smiling
Ten years later when we meet again
I’ll turn these mundane words into a song
Tomorrow, first thing in the morning

I’ll go out to the town
Hoping all the best for you

Translation source: https://dreamslandlyrics.blogspot.com/


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