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FULL video, lyric, translation of Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song (ep 64) (MAKEOVER♡MAKEUP) – Kana and Miho

This post will show you the FULL Japanese lyric (both kanji, hiragana and romaji) and English translation of Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song (ep 64) (MAKEOVER♡MAKEUP) – Kana and Miho. Plus, you can also listen to the MAKEOVER♡MAKEUP song while reading the lyric.

Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song (ep 64) (MAKEOVER♡MAKEUP) – Kana and Miho

Music video

  • Anime: Aikatsu Stars! Insert Song (ep 64)
  • Song name: MAKEOVER♡MAKEUP
  • Singer: Kana and Miho

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)

香りかおり淡いあわいシトラス 潤んうるん果実かじつ



目覚めめざめてくハートが選んえらんだ あたらしい My Style

見つけみつけたい わたしらしさのはじまりに

Make Up 勇気ゆうきをひと塗りぬり トキメキをまとうの

つやめく長いながいまつ毛まつげが 瞬くまばたくたび

わたしをオトナにする …ホントだよ?


Romaji lyrics

Kaori wa awai citrus urunda kajitsu
Gloss de kakeru maho
Hora, kagami no watashi wa betsujin
Mezameteku heart ga eranda atarashi My Style

Mitsuketai watashirashisa no hajimari ni
Make Up yuki wo hito nuri tokimeki wo mato no
Tsuyameku nagai matsuge ga mabataku tabi ni
Watashi wo otona ni suru…honto dayo?

Sa, takanaru kodo de dekakeyo

English translation

The light scent of citrus like a fruit wet with dew
A swipe of lip gloss is my magic
I hardly recognize the face looking back in the mirror
It awakens and I listen to my heart as it points to my new style

The moment I finally find what it means to be me
I put on a layer of courage and a shade of enthralling make up
Each time I blink my long, glistening eyelashes
It brings me another step closer to adulthood

Now, it’s time to head out with a racing heart


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