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FULL video, lyric, translation of Alderamin on the Sky Ending Theme (nameless) – Kano

This post will show you the FULL Japanese lyric (both kanji, hiragana and romaji) and English translation of Alderamin on the Sky Ending Theme (nameless) – Kano. Plus, you can also listen to the nameless song while reading the lyric.

Alderamin on the Sky Ending Theme (nameless) – Kano

Music video

  • Anime: Alderamin on the Sky Ending Theme
  • Song name: nameless
  • Singer: Kano

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)

いつまでもこんな日々ひびを ずっとずっとにん




背中合わせせなかあわせ 別々べつべつみち


もう二度とにどと会えあえなくても 思い出おもいでになっても




Romaji lyrics

Itsumademo konna hibi wo zutto zutto futari de
Negai wa dare nimo ubaenai Song
Shiawase no zankyou ga shinzou wo tsuranuite
Torikago no aoi tori habataita

Senakaawase betsubetsu no michi
Kono itami wasureteshimau no
Mou nidoto aenakutemo omoide ni natte mo
Boku ga kimi no ashita wo mamoru kara

Moshimo tsurai to iu nara musundete
Kono negai ni owari wo tsugete

English translation

Together forever as we live each day,
Our wish is a song that no one can take from us!
A reverberation of happiness pierces our hearts;
A blue bird in a cage, flapping its wings.

With our two paths placed back to back,
We’ll end up forgetting this pain.
Even if I can never see you again; even if you become a memory,
I’ll still protect your path to tomorrow!

But if things become too tough for you, stay connected with me,
And I’ll put an end to this wish!


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