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FULL video, lyric, translation of Kabuki-bu! Opening Theme (Running High) – Hiro Shimono

This post will show you the FULL Japanese lyric (both kanji, hiragana and romaji) and English translation of Kabuki-bu! Opening Theme (Running High) – Hiro Shimono. Plus, you can also listen to the Running High song while reading the lyric.

Kabuki-bu! Opening Theme (Running High) – Hiro Shimono

Music video

  • Anime: Kabuki-bu! Opening Theme
  • Song name: Running High
  • Singer: Hiro Shimono

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)

止まんとまんないで ゆめ画くえがく その舞台ぶたいまで ずっと

Running High

まえ山積さんせきしてる 下らくだら試練しれん全部ぜんぶ

自縄自縛じじょうじばく解っわかっても 嗚呼ああ リピート

制限せいげん時間じかん ギリギリで 決するけっする Dead or Alive

いちかいっきりの本番ほんばん(ゲーム)でこそ 昂るたかぶる感情かんじょう



派手はで舞えまえ 燦然さんぜん世界せかい(さんぜんせかい)

愚かしおろかしさまで ほら 抱いだいてくれ

そうね 最前線さいぜんせんで Play Out

もう 現実げんじつろんにさよならを


最高さいこう」って誇れるほこれるもの以外いがいは 棄てすて去っさってもいい

笑顔えがおが 正解せいかい(こたえ)さ)

止まんとまんないで ゆめ画くえがくその舞台ぶたいまで ずっと

行こいこうぜ Running High

Romaji lyrics

Toman nai de yume egaku sono butai made zutto
Running High
Me no mae ni sanseki shiteru kudara nu shiren wa zenbu
‘jijōjibaku’ wakatte mo ā ripīto

Seigen jikan girigiri de kessuru Dead or Alive
Ikkai kkiri no game de koso takaburu kanjō
Koroba nu saki no “nani to yara”
Konoyo no sata wa yume shidai sa

Hade ni mae sanzen sekai
Orokashi sa made hora dai te kure
Sōne saizensen de Play Out
Mō genjitsu ron ni sayonara o

Kinō o koe te (boku tachi wa)
‘saikō’ tte hokoreru mono igai wa sutesatte mo ii
(egao ga kotae sa)
Toman nai de yume egaku sono butai made zutto

Iko u ze Running High

English translation

Don’t stop, not till we reach the stage that paints dreams
Always running high
All the worthless trial lying in a heap before me
Though knowing they’re a trap of my own making, ah, I repeat them

The decision is made just before time runs out, dead or alive
Emotions run highest when there’s only one shot at the game
A stitch in time save something-or-other
It’s dreams that make this world go round

Dance like you mean it, Oh radiant world,
To the edge of foolishness
Go on, embrace it
Yeah, the front lines is where it will play out

Now say goodbye to realism
We’ll transcend yesterday (Yes, we will)
It’s okay to toss out anything we can’t proudly claim is our best
(A smile is the answer)

Don’t stop until we get to the stage that paints dreams
We’re always…
Let’s go, running high


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