FULL video, lyric, translation of Konbini Kareshi Ending Theme (Milestone) – ORANGE POST REASON

Today we bring to you the Konbini Kareshi Ending Theme (Milestone) – ORANGE POST REASON with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video.

Konbini Kareshi Ending Theme (Milestone) – ORANGE POST REASON

Music video

  • Anime: Konbini Kareshi Ending Theme
  • Song name: Milestone

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)






これからも そのさき









Romaji lyrics

Machi no akari ga mata hitotsu kiete itte
Boku dake ga kono mama torinokosareteku you de
Jihanki no akari ni mi o yosete wa
Itsumo nomu koohii to chigau mono katte mita

Boku wa boku de irareru ka na
Kore kara mo sono saki mo
Kitto itsuka bokura wa
Kanashimi o ai to shitte

Dokoka de mata tsunagatte
Mata wakare o kurikaesu
Kitto itsuka bokura wa
Yorokobi o kanjiru koto ni mo

Narete shimau hi ga kuru
Sore o shiawase to yonde

English translation

Another light starts to fade away
The one that light up this town
It felt like it let me down
And all I got is my loneliness

I get closer to a vending machine
It warms me up a bit
I search for coins to buy a drink
Something different is what I want

I don’t know if I’ll keep being the same I was
After everything I have to see
I’m sure that I can get to learn someday
That our sadness is another way

Of expressing the love we have
To the other when we say goodbye
I’m sure that we can get to see that day
When our smiles will be important to someone else

It’ll be a truly fulfilling feel
It’ll be our way to describe happiness


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