FULL video, lyric, translation of Little Witch Academia Opening Theme (Shiny Ray) – YURiKA

Today we bring to you the Little Witch Academia Opening Theme (Shiny Ray) – YURiKA with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video.

Little Witch Academia Opening Theme (Shiny Ray) – YURiKA

Music video

  • Anime: Little Witch Academia Opening Theme
  • Song name: Shiny Ray
  • Singer: YURiKA

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)

駈けかけ出しだし日々ひび 行き着いいきついたこの場所ばしょ


星空ほしぞら彼方かなた ゆめ足跡あしあと


ゆめ駆けかけてく場所ばしょ いまこころ秘めひめ


魔法まほう 掛けかけ


焼きやきついたように 色づいいろづい風景ふうけい

転んころんだくらいじゃ 融けとけないから


儚いはかないままのいま 抱きしめだきしめ


時間じかんひかり 見つめみつめ歩いあるいてく

Romaji lyrics

Kakedashi ta hibi ni ikitsui ta kono basho
Fure ta tobira hirai te
Hoshizora no kanata yume no ashiato
Hiroiatsumeutau yo

Yume ga kake te ku basho ima mo kokoro ni hime te
Yoru o tsutsumikomu
Mahō kake te

Yaki tsui ta yō ni irodui ta fūkei wa
Koron da kurai ja toke nai kara
Sekai wa tsuzuku yo
Hakanai mama no ima o dakishime te

Kawara nai mama
Jikan to hikari mitsume te arui te ku

English translation

This long journey has led us far
Right up here now to where we are
We can finally open up the door
And in the footsteps of our dreams

Far beyond the stars that gleam
With a song, we’ll journey even more
Keep the end of the road in your heart
Chase your dreams, ’cause it’s time to start

You can take the night in your hands
Just use your magic words
And begin to dance!
The landscape far ahead looks like it is burning brightly for you now

Even if you can’t see it yet from the ground
The world will keep on turning!
Embrace the current moment like it’ll never come again
Now with the end in sight, let’s chase the light

That’s shining ever bright and keep walking ahead


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