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FULL video, lyric, translation of Merc StoriA Ending Theme (Bottleship) – Minase Inori

Today we bring to you the Merc StoriA Ending Theme (Bottleship) – Minase Inori with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video.

Merc StoriA Ending Theme (Bottleship) – Minase Inori

Music video

  • Anime: Merc StoriA Ending Theme
  • Song name: Bottleship
  • Singer: Minase Inori

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)


両手りょうて抱えかかえた 落とさおとさないように

ひるひかりにかざして 覗くのぞくひとみ

遠くとおく澄み渡るすみわたる世界せかいは 広くひろく

なになに知らしらないわたし 染めるそめる


芽吹くめぶくはな 木々きぎ揺れゆれ



Romaji lyrics

Chiisaku Namiutsu Kobin No Ao
Ryoute De Kakaeta Otosanai You Ni
Hiru hikari Ni Kazashite Nozoku Hitomi Wa
Tooku Sumiwataru Sekai Wa Hiroku

Nanimo Nanimo Shiranai Watashi Someru
Atataka Na Tenohira Ni Tsutsumare
Mebuku Hana Kigi Wa Yure
Ikutsumo No Keshiki Wo Kimi To Mite

Kioku Wa Saku

English translation

Blue waves within a small bottle
I held it with both hands, careful not to drop it
I placed it against the sun and looked through to the inside
The world I saw was so far, clear and vast

It started to color me, who still doesn’t know anything
With my warm hands
Flowers are budding, trees are swaying
Looking at all the scenery with you

And memories start to bloom


We hope that you guys already found what you looking for, the FULL lyric and english translation of Merc StoriA Ending Theme (Bottleship) – Minase Inori. and some information about this Japanese song.
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