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FULL video, lyric, translation of Onihei Ending Theme (Soshite.. Ikinasai) – Saori Yuki

This post will show you the FULL Japanese lyric (both kanji, hiragana and romaji) and English translation of Onihei Ending Theme (Soshite.. Ikinasai) – Saori Yuki. Plus, you can also listen to the Soshite.. Ikinasai song while reading the lyric.

Onihei Ending Theme (Soshite.. Ikinasai) – Saori Yuki

Music video

  • Anime: Onihei Ending Theme
  • Song name: Soshite.. Ikinasai
  • Singer: Saori Yuki

Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana)












Romaji lyrics

Hito wa yume kara umare ta ikimono
Aozora ga konnani setsunai nante
Kako mo mirai mo mabataki hitotsu no
Mijikai inochi to shitteru kara

Toki yo umarekawattara hito haru no hana de ii
Soshite.. ikinasai
Soshite.. aisare te

Ruru ru ra ra ra
Soshite.. nakinasai
Soshite.. chirinasai

English translation

People are creatures born from dreams
How can the sky look so blue?
The past and future are just short-lived moments
That exist between the blink of an eye

Oh time…
I could be flower of spring
In my next life
And then…live on

…and then…be loved
La la la…
An then…cry
…and then…fall


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