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FULL video, lyric and translation of Chūkenhachikō (忠犬ハチ公) – Hachimitsu Rocket

Chūkenhachikō (忠犬ハチ公) lyric, Chūkenhachikō (忠犬ハチ公) english translation, Chūkenhachikō (忠犬ハチ公) Hachimitsu Rocket (はちみつロケット) lyrics

Today we bring to you the Chūkenhachikō (忠犬ハチ公) of Hachimitsu Rocket (はちみつロケット) with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Besides that, you can also read the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watch the music video. Chūkenhachikō (忠犬ハチ公) – Hachimitsu Rocket (はちみつロケット) Music video Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji) English …

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FULL lyric and translation of Gekkō (月光) – XOX

Gekkō (月光) lyric, Gekkō (月光) english translation, Gekkō (月光) XOX lyrics

This post will show you the FULL Japanese lyric (both kanji, hiragana and romaji) and English translation of Gekkō (月光) – XOX. Plus, you can also listen to the Gekkō (月光) song while reading the lyric. Gekkō (月光) – XOX Song information Japanese lyrics (Kanji, Hiragana, Romaji) English translation Song …

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