Ninelie (with chelly from EGOIST) – Aimer with FULL lyric and english translation

Today we bring to you the Ninelie (with chelly from EGOIST) with FULL Japanese lyric and English translation. Beside that, you can also reading the lyric in hiragana or romaji and watching the Aimer music video.

Ninelie (with chelly from EGOIST) – Aimer

  • Song Information
  • Original lyric (Japanese lyric)
  • English translation

Song Information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: Ninelie (with chelly from EGOIST)
  • Singer: Aimer
  • Song Music Video:

Original lyric (Japanese lyric)

English translation

Sakushi: Sawano hiroyuki

Sakkyoku: Sawano hiroyuki

Kimi o tsunagu sora no hoshi ga 1tsu-on o tatete mo

どれもおなあめれたゆめばかり かわくだけのひかり
Dore mo onaji ame ni nureta yume bakari kawaku dake no hikari

Aite o nazoru kotae ni tsukareta

Kurikaesu yō no nai yoake ni kuzureta asa

つかまえたdaydream れたストーリーと栄光えいこう
Tsukamaeta daydream deokureta sutōrī to eikō ga

Doko e sakebi tonaete mo

れたトンネル こえもくぐれない
Areta ton’neru-goe mo kugurenai

だからサイレンス ともすためと
Dakara sairensu tomosu tame to

Soto to pazuru no yō ni hamaru pīsu ga hitsuyō to shite mo

かげもないいつわりとおなじだ られならぶだけのしょう
Kage mo nai itsuwari to onajida sutesara re narabu dake no shō

Hako no naka ni soroeta irada

順番じゅんばんちさらし あやましのゴール
Junban-machi sarashi go ma kashi no gōru

Don’t be above your daydream かくれたvision
Don’ t be above your daydream-kaku ga toreta vision

Kimi no yume ga yoko de hazurete mo

ぼくうたい はしをかけよう
Boku wa utai-bashi o kakeyou

だからサイレンス らすためと
Dakara sairensu narasu tame to

どこまでも片側かたがわ沿ったリズム ぎたまちなみわりのあいとおくへ
Doko made mo katagawa ni sotta rizumu sugita machi nami wa owari no ai to tōku e

つたえれないゆがみかけのイメージに めた抵抗ていこう かたちの衝動しょうどう
Tsutae renai yugami kake no imēji ni megasameta teikō-gata-ochi no shōdō

くだけたcry & dream とびらだけの理想りそう
Kudaketa kurai& dream tobira dake no risō

まち雑音ざつおんおぼれ はしゃいでも
Machi ga zatsuon ni obore hashai demo

ぼくうたい かじてよう
Boku wa utai kaji o suteyou

だからサイレンス ひびくためと
Dakara sairensu hibiku tame to

Even if the stars in the sky that keep you together raise a single sound in protest

All dreams will be drenched by the same downpour; light merely left out to dry.

I grew tired of answers found by following others;

Among a repetitive daybreak with no sun… is a shattered morning.

A daydream grasped: that story and glory are behind the times

But no matter which direction they shout their tale

Their voices won’t make it through that ruined tunnel

So they merely exist to ignite this silence!

Even if a piece is required to connect with the outside, like a puzzle

They’re like fakes without shadows, being tossed aside; prize medals only for display.

These frustrations gathered inside a box

Await their turn to be exposed… a deceptive goal.

Don’t be above your daydream: angles have been taken from your vision

But even if your dream passes you by

I’ll sing, crossing that bridge

So I can let this silence ring aloud!

That rhythm always followed alongside… while the cityscape passes and grows farther, accompanying a final love.

Within a twisting image I can’t communicate: Are an awakened resistance… an outdated impetus…

This crushed cry & dream: there’s nothing but gateway ideals

But even if this city is happy to drown amidst the noise

I’ll sing, tossing aside my rudder

So I can let this silence resound!

(Don’t be afraid Daybreak has come)

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