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SISTER – Back Number with FULL lyric and english translation

This post will show you the FULL Japanese lyric (both kanji, hiragana and romaji) and English translation of SISTER – Back Number. Plus, you can also listening to the SISTER song while reading the lyric.

SISTER – Back Number

  • Song Information
  • Original lyric (Japanese lyric)
  • English translation

Song Information

  • Song’s Orginal Name: SISTER
  • Song’s Romaji Name: SISTER
  • Song’s English Name: SISTER
  • Singer: Back Number
  • Song Music Video: Click to Watch


Original lyric (Japanese lyric)

English translation


Mushinkeina taimingu de

In a heartless timing


Furidashite machi wo nurasu ame

The rain started to soaked the city


Kimi wa kizukanai furi shite

You just pretended that you didn’t notice it


Takaku ho wo hatte uzu no naka e

That there’s a high vortex in it


Totte oki no aidea wa

Just big ideas


Mukishitsuna kotoba de ketobasare

To kicked you out from telling inorganic words


Kimi wa ki ni shinai furi shite

You just pretended that you don’t mind it


Waratte motto uzu no oku e

You keep on laughing at my back, that there will be more vortex


Tatakau tame ni rikai shite kudaite

I felt hurt and crushed, I just want you to understand and keep on fighting


Hontou wa itaku te

Really hurt


Me wo tojite jibun ni daijoubu ii kikaseta

Close your eyes, listen to yourself and say it will be alright


Kaze no nai sora ni tobidashite

Jump out into the sky if there’s no wind


Kawaita umi wo oyoide kizutsuite mata

You’ll be hurt if you swim into a dry sea


Kimi wa mata hikari w hanatte yuku

But still there’s light, go on



Do not lose


Kimi ga mabataki de kakushita itami wo

With the feelings of pain that was hidden in you


Sono omoi wo

This feeling


Boku wa shitte irukara

Ah because I know


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