Top 15 most famous songs of Daoko – Video, lyric and translation

Daoko is one of the most famous female singers in Japan. She has been released a lot of beautiful songs, like Uchiage Hanabi. Today I will give you Top 15 famous songs of this pretty girl.

Daoko – Best songs of all time

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Singer information

DAOKO (だをこ, born 4 March 1997) is a Japanese female singer and rapper born in Tokyo. Besides that, she is also a songwriter.

The name DAOKO (ダヲコ) was originally her web nickname. She starts her career since 2012 when one of her uploaded videos on Nico Nico Douga received attention. At that time, she is just 15 years old.

Read more about her career here:

Top 15 most famous songs

Don’t let you wait any longer, I will show you the Top 15 most famous songs of Daoko right now.

This rank is base on my feeling so I am sorry if your favorite songs do not appear. Feel free to share your favorite songs with me at the comment section.

Click on these songs link to read the song lyrics and translations and watch the music videos.

TopSong name
1Suisei (水星)
2Uchiage Hanabi (打上花火)
4Daisuki (ダイスキ)
5Haikei Goodbye Sayounara (拝啓グッバイさようなら)
6Kakete ageru (かけてあげる)
7Owaranai sekai de (終わらない世界で)
8Forever Friends
9Moshimo Bokura ga GAME no Shuyaku de (もしも僕らがGAMEの主役で)
11Step up love (ステップアップLOVE)
14Onaji Yoru (同じ夜)
15Samishii Kamisama


I hope you guys will have a good time with my Top 15 famous songs of Daoko. Let me know your opinion about my list at the comment.

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