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Top 20 famous Jpop singers and the best songs of them

The post Top 20 Jpop bands, idol groups and the best songs of them was received a lot of views so today I decided to give you Top 20 famous Japanese singers, artists and of course, the best songs of them.

This list is base on my feeling so it can be not suitable for you. If your favorite Japanese artists are different, let me know at the comment.

Now, let’s begin!

TOP Singers and Artists Song name
1 Kenshi Yonezu
2 Aimer
3 Nishino Kana
4 Utada Hikaru
6 Kobasolo
7 Teshima Aoi
8 Erica
9 Chris Hart
10 Gen Hoshino
11 Daoko
12 Mr. Children
13 LiSA
14 Alexandros
15 Ieiri Leo
16 Namie Amuro
17 Ms.Ooja
18 SHE’S
19 Yui Ogura
20 Marie Ueda


Kenshi Yonezu, Aimer, and Nishino Kana are Top of my favorite singers. Kenshi Yonezu is absolutely the most popular Japanese singers, he owns 3 “over 100 million” music videos, includes Lemon, Loser, and Ainekuraine.

I hope you guys have a relaxing time with my Top 20 Jpop singers, artists and best songs of them. Feel free to share your favorite artists and songs with me at the comment. And don’t forget to bookmark this website because I will come back with a lot of other ranking posts.

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