Top 5 FREE apps for Japanese Music Lovers – Videos, Lyrics, Mp3 app

Because of copyright problem, finding a good app to enjoy Japanese and Anime songs is really not easy. Today, I will share with you guys 5 FREE apps where you can watch the Japanese and Anime music videos; read the song lyrics and translation or listen to the song mp3.

TOP 5 FREE Japanese and Anime songs app

  • PiPop – Japanese Music TV (IOS/Android)
  • Spotify (IOS/Android)
  • Anime and Japanese music Radio (Android)
  • Musixmatch (IOS/Android)
  • Japanese free music (Jpop) (IOS)

PiPop – Japanese Music TV (IOS/Android)

If you are a Japanese music newbie, you don’t know what songs to listen, what artists you love, then this is the app for you.

japanese music app, anime song app

PiPop offers you a wide selection of over 2,000 Japanese songs music video, including Japanese famous artists such as Aimer, Sekai No Wari, Kenshi Yonezu, Wagakki Band or Nishino Kana. … Besides that, you can find out hundred of Japanese anime songs.

The songs are also coming with the lyrics and translation, so it’s ok if you don’t know the Japanese language.

The music video source is from Youtube, so it can’t update the newest songs, and if you use Android phone, you need to active Youtube app before using PiPop. It is a little difficult to use.

In conclusion, I think PiPop – Japanese Music TV is pretty good for Japanese and Anime music newbie. You can download it here:

  • IOS:
  • Android:

Spotify (IOS/Android)

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world.

This app is suitable for the ones who just want to listen to the songs and don’t need to watch the music videos or the song lyrics. Spotify also offers you the album base on your favorite artists, so if you have your idols in mind, Spotify can be the good options.

However, just like PiPop, Spotify can’t update the newest songs, the copyright is this app’s problem, too.

In conclusion, if you are looking for Japanese songs MP3 app, you can try Spotify.

Anime and Japanese music Radio (Android)

This app is only on Android operating system. Anime and Japanese music Radio offers you plenty of Radio Channel (as called as Station). Each one gives you a song list of station owner.

If you have a stable internet connection, you can listen to the song list all day long.

The bad thing about this music app is that you can’t choose your favorite songs to play.

In conclusion, if you are looking for Japanese music radio to enjoy, Anime and Japanese music Radio is a pretty good option.

Musixmatch (IOS/Android)

I already give you the Japanese music Video and Mp3 app above, this one is for lyrics and translation.

Musixmatch offers you a lot of song lyrics and translation. You can also contribute the translation to your favorite songs.

This app lets you connect to Spotify, so you can listen to the songs while reading the lyrics. Musixmatch gives you the ability to find songs through lyrics and sound. This feature is really helpful.

However, Musixmatch does not have a lot of Japanese and Anime lyrics, just only the popular ones.

Japanese free music (Jpop) (IOS)

Like the app name, this app offers you some popular Free Jpop music videos and mp3. That is all I know about this app because I just use it a few times. You can use the app and let me know your reviews 😀

That is TOP 5 FREE Japanese and Anime song apps I know. After using them for a while, PiPop – Japanese Music TV and Spotify really convince me. You should try them sometimes.

Anyway, if my post is helpful, share it with your friends and don’t forget to bookmark this website because I will come back with a lot of Japanese music posts.

Thank you for reading!

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