What Japanese sad songs can make you cry like rain?

Jpop has a lot of sad songs as good as any other music culture, especially Anime songs. The sounds and the lyrics can get your tears any time. Today I bring to you Top 20 best Japanese sad songs of all time.

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This list is base on my feeling so it can be not suitable for you. Feel free to share your favorite Japanese sad songs at the comment. Now, let’s start!

Click on the link below to read the song lyric and watch the music video.

TopSong name – Artist
1Daisuki deshita – Erica
2Umbrella – アリエP
3Kimi dattara – Happy birthday
4Atai – 林部智史
5Vivi – Kenshi Yonezu
6After Rain – Aimer
7Yuki No Hana – Mika Nakashima
8Ref:rain – Aimer
9Hareta hi ni sora wo miagete – 林部智史
10Kimi ga inai sekai wa setsunakute – CHIHIRO
11Kataomoi – Miwa
12Yume Hanabi – Yuiko
13Moshi kimi wo yurusetara – Ieiri Leo
14Prisoner Of Love – Utada Hikaru
15Saigo no Ame – Ms.Ooja
16Nagoriyuki – Iruka
17Sakurairo mau koro – SOLIDEMO
18Sayonara I love you – CLIFF EDGE
19Heartache – One ok rock


I hope my list of Japanese sad songs is suitable for you. These songs are even better if you listen to it on rainy days.

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